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Welcome to Mission Guitars - Since 1998



  It's been forever since I updated the site, so my apologies - with so many irons in the fire, it's hard to keep up!  Looking to actually completely re-design the site into something a LOT more simple and intuitive, as well as easy to update - more on that sooner than later (I hope!).

One thing that comes up (that I haven't addressed in other areas of the site) is SHIPPING AND HANDLING!!! I always charge ACTUAL shipping costs via the most economical way possible (usually USPS for small stuff, FedEx Ground for big stuff), plus a buck or two to cover the cost of the padded mailer or box (they ain't cheap!). It will come up once you start entering your order, it usually ranges from $2 for small stuff, to $15 for bodies and the like... 

You'll note that I have many different parts available for the "weekend" luthier, and that is by no mistake.  I got started doing this as a hobby, ended up with too much stuff, and - voila!, a business was born.

  Everything I sell is designed to be built/replaced/added-on/etc. with a nominal amount of woodworking skills, tools, and MONEY!  You will note that my parts are considerably cheaper than most items you'll find elsewhere.  I am a direct importer, as well as an authorized dealer for Allparts, Saga Musical Instruments and Graph Tech, with more dealerships in the works.  If you have any questions/doubts, feel free to email me or just check out my Ebay feedback - still 99.9% positive! I am a member of NAMM, so rest assured that you are dealing with an esteemed member of the music community!

By the way, Mission Guitars is in NO WAY affiliated with any of the manufacturers listed herein (namely Fender Musical Instruments and Gibson Guitars). "Tele", "Telecaster", "Strat", "Stratocaster", "Precision Bass", "P Bass" and "Jazz Bass" and registered trademacks of FMI Inc. "Les Paul" is a registered trademark of Gibson Guitars Inc. Phew! Glad that's over, let's get to checking out parts!